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And then there are those who will forsake all in the name of hard work, as though life were a game and though the rules say nothing of winning, there are players who only play to win. Losing isn't an option, and games aren't played for fun, to these players. They make up their own rules, something about fair play, and hand out strategic advantages to those who they deem appropriate. What they fail to grasp entirely, is that life isn't a game, for a game is a set of system and systems require rules. Sucess isn't determined by money, and there is more to it than winning. Hard work does not necessitate victory; and victors do need not have won the war. These are the people who are worse than most, for where they see checkpoints through the traffic, on a straight road that have been associated with previous notions of direction, others see a forest with leaves that dance in the light, or snow that leaks from dotted skies which may provide a subtle taste of existance.