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published 1970-01-01 00:00

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Looking back on the days that slipped through the cracks of her memory she couldn't remember all the ones that she'd let go of, in fact, Sarah felt a longing for their return. It wasn't that they were important memories, or that they held significant moments of time past for Sarah's life was fairly uneventful. She grew up in city, had a few friends and occasional lovers, worked her way up the corporate ladder so that she could spend more money on nights not spent at home. At one point in her life she was devout follower of Buddhism, but that too soon melded with other frames of life. She thought she'd had a good relationship with her mother, but didn't quite remember her too well. She never knew her father. Big events, like getting married, and having children were much to wet to be eroded, but it was the little things she forgot. Points of time where getting on a red bus was fairly uncommon, or coffee was more than just a morning stop. Looking back, Sarah couldn't help but feel a little lost in the comfort of her own thoughts.