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published 1970-01-01 00:00

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Old man Henry had only been a father for a few years before his nickname found him. Even with two beautiful children and a loving wife, he still walked like an old man, one with nothing to lose. He wore the countenance of one who was afraid to own emotions, but this wasn't an entirely new aspect to human nature, it was one previously known to Miss Gordon. Generally it only took her one look to get others to open up to her. They could never quite pin down what it was about her nature that set her apart from all others and allowed conversations with her to be simple, clear and free. Miss Gordon was proud about this nature of hers. She took comfort from her knowing that she brought out the tentative soft side in people. As Henry walked by, the trail of his scent slowly filled the room, as water fills a cup - or smoke fogs a room - Miss Gordon called out, "Going outside, Henry?" with the right amount of energy and dexterity of voice to not incite annoyance that was easily stirred in those of Henry's character (as Miss Gordon liked to think) but still warm enough to open conversation. All she got in response was a grunt of acknowledgment. "Do you want anything?" "No, I'll be alright", and there their conversation halted as Henry walked out the door. Why was it that this pained Miss Gordon so much more than it should have? It was not malicious cold that Henry radiated, but it hurt. People have such selfish requirements for human relationships.