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published 1970-01-01 00:00

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Claire was a little girl known for her apathy, hardly tweleve years of age and she had already seen the all the world of which she was alive in. Her parents, typical rich folk, cared little for her apathy, and in times where Claire's frustration of nothingness over took her being of nothingness, she blamed them for what she was. She wasn't stupid, she knew it wasn't their fault, for she could be whovere, or whatever, she pleased, but blaming someone who wasn't Claire was the ideal solution, or so she thought. Being tired of what she percieved she invented worlds, like most little children do, but her worlds were complex and impossible both at the same time (and as Claire would tell you, "All at once and none at all) for she cared little for reality when she could make her own. Like other little children her world held strange inhabitants and did not follow physical rules, whether it be gravity or biology. Energy could be created and destroyed, but not manipulated. Magic existed only to those who could not control it. These were some of the rules she spent her time devising. Throwing pieces of reality out and replacing them with similar, but increasingly dissimilar, properites. Maths was based upon concrete ideas (which were no longer abstract, so to Claire, even the notion of a "concrete idea" was absurd in it's redundancy) where as communication was impossible and unnecessary, for everybody here knew everything all at once, for time was a notion she either did not understand or chose not to.

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