Thoughts On NixOS

blog dev nix ops 2020-04-26 16:53

So I finally got around to installing NixOS on box (my main desktop computer, god I really should finish the piece explaining my digital infrastructure) and it is excellent. I did have some trouble at first getting it to work with LVM on LUKS (Boot Encryption for you non-nerds) but that turned out to be because Grub2 doesn't support LUKS2 so I had to use LUKS1. Easy enough. The cool thing about nixOS is that configuration is declaritely defined. This means once I write a configuration file, I can materialize my desktop to the current state it's in with basically no effort. This has been on my to-do list for literal years. I'm a ricer by nature so not having to do all the configuration for a system is a god-send. However in the process of switching to nixOS I have regressed on the degree to which I submit to the rice-overlords. I made the executive decision to move to a full blown Desktop Environment (blasphemy to hardcore ricers). I choose Gnome because that's what I use on my laptop. Previously because of my rice I found it difficult or frustrating to do certain nerdy things, and would often switch to my laptop because it was just easier. That hasn't entirely changed since NixOS is so different to most normal Unix systems that I'm still only scratching the surface, but it's comfortable enough, and perhaps more importantly engaging to learn to troubleshoot my problems, that I haven't really had to turn on my laptop since installing NixOS.

My next move is to better learn the Nix language so I can package applications that currently aren't available.