Why have an HPI?

puralek writing 2020-09-30 23:19

story: when thinking about how to view and save and store data such that it makes the most sense, having an interface that classifies arbitrarily tagged data (podcasts, files, rss feeds, etc etc) to show the content you're looking for sounds interesting. Having the same set of tags across all the formats seems like a good place to start this endeavour but I fear this may be not concrete enough to work with yet

A collection of my raw data from the past that should be organized. A curation of the media ive enjoyed, my creative endeavours and things that i saved. Ultimately aims to be a museum of me to help me understand myself. how can a museum also be living though? my computer is a delicate dance atop the terminal, how could it be static?

The problem is that my information is scattered, unindexed, and of an unknown quality This goes beyond just collecting data, but using a collection of data to create new tools to interact with it. Formatting and organising my own information so that it's accessible to learn from