NixOS Quick Tips

nix dev ops 2020-10-19 19:05

install a package: nix-env -i hello <-- not reproducible and hence not advisable or
edit /etc/nixos/configuration.nix to ensure system wide install nixos-rebuild switch <-- create new generation nixos-rebuild test <-- only active while computer on

sudo nixos-rebuild test -I nixpkgs=~/usr/nixpkgs/ ^-- use local repo to build pkgs

find out where in the store a binary is: readlink -f $(which hello)

search packages nix-env -qaP '.*hello.*' or nix search <pkg>

search nix package options nixos-option <option>

clear up space: nix-collect-garbage -d

upgrade to new channel: nix-channel --list # show what version we're on nix-channel --add nixos nix-channel --update nixos-rebuild switch remember to use sudo if you want to update the system

use a package through nix-shell: nix-shell -p <package>

list generations nix-env --list-generations

list installed packages nixos-option environment.systemPackages or nix-env --query

install a nixOS .nix file through nix package manager nix-env -f nvim.nix -i neovim