Systems, not Goals

writing phil way

published 2020-10-31 00:42

updated 2020-10-31 00:42

One of the founding principles by which I organize my life (at least rn). It's not a difficult concept. Implementing it is always personal though. Everybody has their own desired consequences that they solve in their own ways. It's part of what makes people beautiful.

What I mean by this is primarily that goals are ephmeral. Once achieved they vanish, as though that is the end of the problem, or action, or even outcome. The heroes journey is always cyclical. There are no level ups in real life, you continue with the tools you've delevoped. So build tools.

Architect systems of processes such that you can achieve your "goals" reliably, consistently. If a goal is of any value, in most cases it is worth repeating; better. So don't worry about how far you've come, just keep journey-ing. Embrace your ability to instantiate change. Create! Destroy! You are the opponent of Entropy! You cannot win, but at least enjoy the battle.

You get the idea.

"What is the purpose of dance?" - Alan Watts