What I learnt switching bowl to NixOS

nix ops bowl review

published 2020-11-08 23:59

updated 2023-06-06 21:31

bowl is on it's last legs. It will only boot after much cajoling. After many false starts, I finally got it all working. I can't risk switching it off anymore, and I hope it doesn't overheat.

I created an script for legacy-bios with encrypted disk and a password, which is very cool I want one for UEFI now too

I kept trying to change the names of the logical volumes and volume groups in LVM which is why I was running into issues I learnt that GRUB 2.06 should contain the necessary patch for LUKS2 (it's been implemented already) I couldn't figure out how to install shaarli. The package in nixpkgs is just creating the necessary files in /nix/store/-shaarli and I'm not sure how to configure nginx to use that yet. I managed to install taskd server which has a nixOS wrapper for all the certs and stuff, but haven't got it to sync yet I've installed nextcloud, but haven't recovered the backup yet.

I'm still not very confident in my abilities to run a server on nixOS, though this is a good learning opportunity. I don't quite understand all the settings and how to find them, but I've been reading a lot more .nix files which helps.