What history got wrong about the future

story writing

published 2020-12-23 01:01

updated 2020-12-23 01:01

Our history could only ever a fractured reflection of the time. To learn how those who lived it imagined the time after they would be gone crystallized their hopes, or fears. Our writing of imaginative futures that did not come to pass are filled with our species venturing out into the unknown, guided by belief in curiosity and justice. Cooperation on the galactic scale.

I imagine they'd be disappointed to learn that such scale was never achieved. Sure, those who desired got to venture out and explore the unknown. Generally in teams the size of whatever ship they could put together. Some even summoned worm-holes to other habitable planets for easy access, but there are no star fleets exploring the unknowns of space. We eventually learnt enough to prove that we are alone. The Fermi Paradox wasn't a paradox afterall, just an observation.