dreaming of futures

writing story

published 2021-04-07 15:01

updated 2021-04-07 15:01

i cant sleep once more so i decided to write things

i dream of volumetric displays becoming labs to represent live data. theyre interfaced with through steno-gloves, with modal based editing to allow various control over views of the data. the truly productivity obsessed wear 2 gloves, or get single monocles through which they constantly sip at information. in this world it is not raw speed which is evolutionarily optimal, but flexibility. robot hive minds generally do not take kinldy to biological life forms. signalling reinforcments, activating camoflague or remotely interfering are necesary skills to staying safe

and yet in the same world, self aseembly and disassembly of modular, independent shelter makes nomadic lifestyles sustainable. tap into mycelium networks to gain resources and share information, if you can find the way in. travel deep in-land towards the people sustaining these networks, or congrgate on sailing ships covered in mesh. low-powered thin clients, with eink displays may be the only direct descendent of the laptop, but primary computing is through discrete tokens for those with the keys to access them. distributed spindles for observability into space. storage clusters shaped into minerals that will hold form for 100s of years, supporting their own networks and contributing positively to the ecosystem. analog computers powered by simplyconfigutation of sunlight.

where once we trapped electricity in silicon and forced it to think, now we shaped light into rocks and sprouted mu▝▚░▝▒▞▞ as we went.