the art of doing things

writing phil

published 2021-06-18 12:27

updated 2021-06-18 12:27

there are many ways to manifest outcomes you wish. one way is to tell people about them, either with intention or not. words carry a power when understood by others, and they also get caught up in the doing. how wonderful their ability, but not considered a technology, unlike that which i hold in my hand, and the letters of which it is composed. if weere to break the history of language as a technology it would certainly go back nearly as far as fire. we have oral traditions reaching back at least 40,000 yeas. the written word by comparision is much newer, perhaps not even 5,000 thousand years. after that came the printing press s mere hundreds of years ago. and now the internet, th which i acess as i am writing this to learn about the origins of amazing how camping changes my mindset