The tools that make us

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published 2021-11-16 22:44

updated 2021-11-16 22:44

Having now spent the better part of a month without a smartphone I've spent a lot of time reeling from the way life changes without having one. About how the tools we build shape us as well. At first it was difficult, there was an itch I could no longer scratch all the time (scrolling endlessly) that I certainly had grown addicted too despite trying my hardest to not use addictive platforms. It made bathrooms a much quieter affair. But there were other things that I also lost. I could no longer search for the random things that come up all the time, and would often forget them by the time I did reach a computer. I had to remember all my meetings which sucks even though I'm medicated for my ADHD now. I couldn't remember my task list. Perhaps the most subtle of all, is the difference in subjectivity. I have begun to feel like a different person, nearly. There were subtle behavioural patterns that were broken. I can't quite explain it.