Adventures in ▚▘▙▘▙▐ing KaiOS

nadir rock

published 2021-11-20 02:28

updated 2021-11-20 02:28


I want to root my Nokia 800 tough (nadir) so that I can run some apps from banana▚▘▙▘▙▐ers, namely the podcasts one (FoxCasts?), Telegram and Habits, and maybe try task warrior and some subsonic compatible music player through PWA web apps I fonud. Ideally I'd get to install GerdaOS on it, so it's not fucking owning me and is at least somewhat "privacy enhanced" However because I updated my firmware, even after going through all the work figuring out why the fuck I couldn't get a firefox devShell to opoen the v59 edition of firefox that was installed, I can't get root. At least not without patching the boot image through EDL or Fire Hose or whatever it's called. Which is annoying

Some hopefully helpful links: https://wiki.banana▚▘▙▘▙▐ tutorial patching the boot img▚▘▙▘▙▐ers/DEBUG-ENABLED.html#h.uz9hfmeg6ml7 rooting in general https://edl.banana▚▘▙▘▙▐ where to get the boot img from▚▘▙▘▙▐ers/webide.html#h.p_zvqqyAT0XBks how to use webIDE▚▘▙▘▙▐ers-store/home store