The KaiOS dream

nadir dev kaiOS

published 2021-11-21 01:44

updated 2021-11-21 01:44

I just learnt about a matrix client for KaiOS and it has changed my mood and attitude towards Kai. If it's possible to build a KaiOS matrix client, that changes everything for me. It re-invigorates why I should coalese all my chats into matrix. I also learnt of a GerdaOS roadmap that may one day include a VPN. Which means remote access to mossnet. From my fucking dumb phone. It's getting me excited about kaiOS which is really cool, it also means I get to learn web development better! But my infrastructure still remains a mess. I'm slowly trying to clean up the big ball of mud, and find myself with a dumb phone able to keep me on with everyone. It even runs Pinafore!