An Unease


published 2022-01-04 21:14

updated 2022-01-04 21:14

Shiv had made the trek many times, physically ariving at home this time was no different. A heavy sack filled with the relics of adventure, not all of them prizes. Set down on the dusty road in a familiar spot, they'd carry the important relics out by hand in a moment, but for now the allure of Home and it's comforts commanded. The Updates could wait until tomorrow to be delivered. Playing with their ring, while sitting down exactly where they imagined for the past 4 nights, Shiv was uncomfortable with this situation. Normally a time of joy, there was certainly something strange about this time.

It had been nearly 3 weeks since Shiv set out. The return trip had been slower than usual. Shiv knew the fire burnt longer in the mornings, that they hadn't always tried to be efficient on the route back. Recognizing this only now, stroked the flames of fear. Not usually one to peek into the statistics of the treks, the temptress of curisoity was too seductive. Somehow Shiv felt this made looking worse. The average start time the return trek was nearly 3 hours later than on the depature days. Though distance covered during travel time remained fairly similar, a mere 40 meters, they thought of all the times meandering around the boulders, up and down the river, looking for ways to guard against questions they knew they could not answer. Plotting an exact route was an expensive and artisian task. Satellite technology had long gone extinct, though rocketry made it easy to place a satellite in orbit, to keep it in-tact and working for sustained periods of time proved impossible. The standing record is 4 months, 12 days, 4 hours. 4 12 4. A popular calling sign for space scientists. Shiv put away the stats, and then try tied to put her mind at ease.