MMM Reflections

mmm way

published 2022-04-01 16:30

updated 2022-04-01 16:30

How would I describe my MMM? It's hard because I don't want to just quantify. If I were to I would say March has been my most consistent month. I meditated, exercised, jrnl'd and took care of my plants more consistently than any month since after I lost my phone in November (and the data on it :(). I also accomplished most of what I wanted. I started brewing kombucha, playing with music things (even though I still have yet to record anything), and cooked yummy food. I set up good habits, and culled some bad ones However it was also a stressful month. I did end up getting uber eats though not as much as I normally would. The work stuff went badly. I did drink only a little bit of alcohol -- which is actually a huge success. So why do I still feel like I didn't set out what I wanted to do? I didn't do many big ticket items, and even for the ones I had done, they weren't particuarly "ground breaking" for me. I didn't finish my norns, I haven't turned my bike into a fixie. But also, I'm now questioning all the other things I did spend time on that requires computers. Setting up remote network drives, and adblock on local wifi. I didn't publish my website, or figure out how to write python modules. I didn't record a song, or write particularly more... I don't know, sounds like I'm beginning to just wail on myself because I enjoy it. Asides from the being confused about what computers are for, I think I did pretty well. Or, I should say, I want to think I did pretty well, and this note now serves as the basis for that rationalization.