Splitting grab and build from basant

meta dev

published 2022-04-09 19:49

updated 2022-04-09 19:49

if my fucking onyx was working i'd be using that, but anyway

grab depends on files in kitaab, why not just let it live there? It outputs a package which contanis all the raw files that i wish to be able to grab. this package needs to be private, it will contain which allows basant to be open. this creates poonam

basant then takes poonam as an input, defines the builder (just the python package for build) and the site (running the package against poonam to build the html). it should also define a module that defines nginx and acme and shit for this website

cascading nix flake lock --update-input poonam basant will need to be run in order to keep sealight / cube up to date. first, basant will have to have poonam pointing to the latest rev, and then cube will need to be upgraded to the latest rev of basant. this might be a lil tricky?