Attracted to Complexity


published 2022-05-03 18:48

updated 2022-05-03 18:48

I've long noticed that I have a preference for things that are overly complex and outside of the standard method of doing things. I'm trying to rationalize my own preferences.

I was always into minting my computer, even when I was using Windows I'd use rainmaker to mint my setup. I switched to Dvorak when using Windows too. Once I learnt about Linux, I dove straight into the deep end with Arch Linux. I didn't want to faff about in Windows or Easy Mode distros like Mint or Ubuntu, I wanted to do the hard thing straight from scratch.

And like this I've gone on.

Sublime? Nah, I'll use Vim.
Java? Nah, I learnt Elixir.
Split keyboard? Now that's cool, yes please.
Regular artwork? Eh, I'm interested in generative art
DAW? No thank you, I'll use VCV-Rack and learn modular synthesis though.
Ohh, NixOS is cool and obtuse, I'm going to swap all of my servers to it.

Partially this stems from my disregard for "mainstream" things. I'm not convinced this is merely hipster posturing.