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published 2022-06-22 21:31

updated 2023-06-07 23:32

This is final step from the previous post, and remains the only bit that is still manual. Deploying

cd nix-garden nix flake lock --update-input poonam deploy .#cube --hostname

Those are the 3 commands I still have to run manually from my computer to update my website. I could automate them into a systemd service, I haven't yet though. poonam is a small submodule in the private repo containing my Kitaab that does the filtering. It automatically gets all notes added to the git repo once a day, by a systemd module.

nix-garden is the single git repo that defines all my server infrastructure. Maybe soon I'll be able to open source it. Currently, it still has a couple of secrets I don't want to publically share. You could take a look at digga or hlissner's dotfiles to get an example of what they contain. You'll notice digga comes with deploy-rs which is how I can deploy my webserver from a git repo on my laptop. Since only the input to poonam changes (in order to update the files that have been edited) and off to the races.