Some learnings from writing a dead simple Blender Addon

dev blender python

published 2022-08-28 13:08

updated 2022-08-28 21:48

I couldn't find a way to install just the blender module for python, at the very least it isn't packaged for NixOS; hence I was programming in Blender's awful built-in editor Blender's doc's aren't quite as comprehensive as I would've liked. Specifically a lot of the constants in the bpy.types module are missing. I worked around this by using the following snippet:

{{{python [d for d in dir(bpy.types) if "**" in d.lower()] }}}

where *** is sort of what you're looking for.

Turning on python hover hints is essential, and fairly well supported (sad face panels)

Apparently, using the official method to install plugins straight up doesn't work for me?? it's driving me crazy and incredibly difficult to search for