Things missing from nix-garden

nix ops

published 2022-09-19 19:45

updated 2022-09-27 22:14

Missing from curve

Moved to taskwarrior

Since task warrior is currently borked, i'm writing these here

  • [x] Task warrior certs / keys
  • [x] Firefox extensions and theme
    • [x] FlyingFox fixes
  • [ ] Go-bag (SSH key + GPG key, probably should go on yubikey)
  • [x] agenix key
  • [ ] usr dir to be backed up OR exclude flac mpv mkv mp4, etc
  • [x] nvim gitsigns, Fterm and various other plugins
  • [x] rofimoji

= broke in 22.05 update = bspwm asks to close window lightdm greeter picom seems to trip out sparadically


Make box the orchestrator Give box ssh access to everything