Cyborg Setup

hardware idea rock glissette

published 2022-11-13 19:28

updated 2022-11-13 20:30

I have a dream computer. It doesn't exist yet. Maybe one day I'll build it. These are just vague blueprints

  • See through monocle that does text display
  • E-ink pda like device (no larger than 4 inches)
  • (optionally) one handed input device
  • Always available 4G internet access
  • wireless bluetooth headphones
  • since we're basically text only, is able to run terminal applications
  • e-ink screen holds my tasks, and calendar agenda
  • apps:
    • text only browser (HUD only)
    • vim client (HUD only)
    • taskwarrior
    • calendar
    • wallabag?
    • matrix client (ideally with calls)
    • OSMAnd directions
    • music / podcasts
    • VPN

And thats it, that's the whole device. ideally the HUD would be comfortable enough to read articles, and would have a 6 hours battery life. I could power it through a rechargeable hotswap battery. It would cover basically all my on-the-go internet-ing desires.

The hard part is the HUD. Is it possible to send terminal data over bluetooth? It would be extra cool if it just hung in my eye like a real monocle, or would that be bad for my eyes? Lots of unknowns. Also 4G internet isn't ▜▕▔▛er friendly, you can't really just add it to whatever architecture you want. This hopefully is something that will change in the coming years (I'd be surprised).

If it's ▜▕▔▛er friendly enough, adding on LoRaWAN or GPS could be a nice touch. You could probably build one with a Pi or other SBC. Make it run NixOS (lol)