Changing a Bike Tube

cycling craft

published 2022-11-22 10:30

updated 2022-11-22 10:58

  • Remove tyre from cycle
  • Remove the deflated tube ( You may need a bike tyre tool to remove the tyre if it's very tight )
  • Take your new tube, and unlock the valve
  • Fill it up slightly, just enough to hold a round shape
  • Insert the tube into the tyre
  • Make sure the alignment is right (The valve must be pointing to the hub)
  • Insert tyre into cycle
  • Make sure wheel is aligned with the frame
  • Fill up slightly more, and inspect the rims for any part of the tube being pinched or squeezed or otherwise deformed
  • Once satisfied, fill up entirely

Congratulations, you've now changed the tubing of your tyre