Everything is Alive and I Can't Believe Nobody Sees It

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published 2023-03-20 01:50

updated 2023-03-20 12:47

I'm a strong believer in Panpsychism; the idea that consciousness is a part of everything. It's why canopy shyness happens, it's why electron probability distributions exist (it's not random chance, the electrons are choosing), and the solution to the mind-body dilemma, amongst a whole host of other things science hasn't figured out yet. It's funny to me that philosophy has battled with P-Zombies for decades, but it's logical inverse is rarely spoken of, the idea that everything distinguishable to us may have some form of consciousness.

It's certainly an idea I'd like to talk about more because most people simply scoff at the idea that anything other than humans could possibly have anything resembling free will, but this is a cultural case of human superiority, which largely comes from our horrid political systems that are currently bringing about a new age of extinction. No matter, I shall not blame humans for being immersed in the cultural environment they are raised in, we are prone to such afflictions after-all.

Why shouldn't there be something it is like to be a tree, or a river, or a stone. If all matter is merely energised states in quantum fields (as posited by Quantum Field Theory), then the fact that matter continues to exist is not yet explained by science. Personally I think everything that is, wills itself to exist. The intentional choice to continue. That the rock chooses to be as it is, is not so strange a concept when looked at in this way. It's not altogether all that different from the idea of God.

There are so many things science will never tell us, can never tell us, for it is the wrong tool for the job. The subjective sensory experience that each of us viscerally goes through all of the time throughout our existence unceasingly is so obviously one of them I don't even know what I would say to someone who doesn't think that's true.

To those who do see this as outside the realm of science, and yet choose not to believe in ideas like Free Will, perhaps the most basic outcome of consciousness, I don't believe there can be an internet argument that will convince you. If LIFE ITSELF in all it's intense, shocking, awe inspiring reality could not convince you of your own consciousness and the choice you make at all times endlessly, you must be grabbed by the shoulders, ideally by someone you trust and love, and shaken vigorously until the sensory information that reaches your mind actually fucking sinks in. I firmly believe it is impossible to deny the existence of free will as a living thing that fundamentally experiences it all times, but humans are capable of spectacular deception.

To those that believe free will can only be granted to humans, and a select few (if any) other intelligent creatures: you self centred, ignorant prick.

And finally, if you're willing to expand consciousness to all life forms as we currently, scientifically understand life, then well, I don't, off the top of my head, at this stage, have any reasonable arguments for you. At least, not other than the one I mentioned above, how the continued existence of matter is a choice, and only things that experience consciousness choose.

I don't know what to tell you, there really are no straight lines. We cannot categorize anything that is real into neat little boxes based on the mind stuff that goes on when we process sensory information about the things that are real 🤷🏽