Figuring out how to Sync Annotations from Calibre Synced Books on a Kobo

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published 2023-04-16 18:07

updated 2023-04-16 21:22


The problem is 2-fold:

  • The URL kobo reaches out to, is hard-coded in the function that does the sync
  • Calibre-Web doesn't have an API endpoint to handle annotations

Part 1

Some notes about the Kobo Sync API: Specifically this endpoint: Patch request for changing endpoint:

I'm not really sure how to approach reverse-engineering Kobo code to create a patch that overwrites the API endpoint.

Part 2

This whole thread goes into details:


KOReader & Plato both provide Wallabag(!) and annotation support, but sync support for annotations is still up in the air. Almost certainly this would mean configuring different server software, which not really that bad. I'm not sure how KoboPatch interacts with those though.