Building Bonfire with Nix

bonfire fedi elixir ops nix

published 2023-04-17 00:57

updated 2023-04-17 01:15

I'm back for round 2 of compiling Bonfire with Nix, after having been able to successfully compile it locally. Not making any progress, but unable to sleep so I'm writing down my thoughts for future me to pick them up. I'm currently having trouble creating a FOD of the deps, I'm getting different hashes whenever I run the build process. I believe, because we're starting with an unconfigured, modular system, I'm running into reproducibility errors, but I'm not sure. When I set the MIX_DEPS_PATH = ./deps I get changes throughout the hash. If I don't configure config, none of the deps get pulled. If I leave MIX_DEPS_PATH=$TEMPDIR/deps, the project is unable to find :bonfire as it's not in the local place, perhaps because the bonfire package requires itself to be in the cwd? Not really sure