Single Source of Input

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published 2023-07-18 17:50

updated 2023-09-22 16:13

I realized that since configuring bridges for all messaging platforms I'm available on through a single interface, Matrix is one of three[#]_ sources of push notifications on my phone. I mean yes, that was always the goal, I was somewhat surprised I'd managed to achieve it. I honestly thought it would be breaking far too much to be usable, leading to missed messages, delayed conversation, and missed opportunities. Instead it's had quite the opposite effect: Platforms that I would previously rarely check or refused to use, I'm suddenly able to keep up with. I still have refused to connect Messenger, but my bridge has already been banned from Whatsapp, so 🤷🏽

It's not just my messaging inbox that is a "single source". Almost all[#]_ my scrolling happens through RSS feeds I've collected. And, oh gosh, I've collected a lot of them. I don't try to Inbox Zero them (that would be ridiculous), but I would like a less noisy reader. It shouldn't matter that I have 4000+ unread items, I'm certainly not planning on reading all of them. Anyways, that's a tangent. My point more so is that I seem to really enjoy knowing / having all the things in a single place.

Which brings me to what Kitaab is. I've tried to describe this too many times, but in my mind there's some sort of hyperobject that circles a few of these ideas helpfully labelled in big block letters "Kitaab". A single source to view the happenings of my whole life. All the things I know: the people I've interacted with, the links I've come across, the tasks I have to finish, and any other thing I think worthy to write about. The commonplace book, or wiki, or xanadu, or zettelkasten, or HPI.

Because I'm so forgetful I find catalogues so important.

[#] The other two are [Tusky]( and Email. I think I would like to integrate these with matrix too, why the heck not? Hmmm 🤔 more projects, yay 🎉
[#] Again, asides from Fedi, and sometimes Orange Site. I'm weaning off the habit! I'm sorry!