Actual PMs for Fedi

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published 2023-09-16 14:19

updated 2023-10-02 14:09

Turns out while I was thinking about this, the prolific Dansup started actually working on this. You can check out the repo too!

I think it would be cool if "we" brought Signal to the Fediverse. Similar to how Signal used to work with SMS, it would warn you in big letters that your connection is insecure when connecting over ActivityPub DM objects or whatever. Bonus points for being compatible with Matrix, maybe?

I guess I'm thinking about Onboarding experiences, not necessarily for Fedi in particular, but as a way to offramp of Corp Media. OAuth that allows login from corp sites, but then prompts you to take control of your account. Nomadic identity. I don't know, I guess these things would be cool?