The Future We were Promised

computing culture

published 2023-10-08 21:53

updated 2023-10-17 13:27

In internet circles I'm a part of, I, along with many others, went from being techno-optimists to techno-pessimists.

<@reminder Cue memes about security researchers only smart device being a printer, which they keep a loaded shotgun pointed at>

I like to say the internet I grew up on no longer exists. The Independence of Cyberspace outlined the ethos behind the Future we were Promised. Of course, it turns out that we did not sustain the negative power vacuum we had, but also, we've learnt more about our relationship with Cybrespace. We're learning from our mistakes, especially the whole Independence thing. We're doing Interdependence now.

The internet that exists now is much lambasted. Big Tech is the Anti-Hero for lots of modern narratives. Increasingly we don't fawn over the latest shiny trinkets. Privacy concerns and monopoly accusations are starting to hold weight again. We're finally starting to pierce through the "Genius" "Great Man" "World Changing" marketing veneer lathered so thickly on everything.

The Future we were promised fuels us We have not forgotten it's embers A better world is possible A communal fire that burns bright for us all