About Me

I’m Anish. I am a thinker, artist, and general creative and curious person. I’m also a digital Uddharak (“Saver”; hoarder). I’ve loved computers since I was little, and they’re part of my life, play and work – as a result I spend a lot of time thinking about and interacting with technology. I try as much as possible to use free software and decentralized (ironic; I know) media because these align with my beliefs and vision for the future.

Critical, difficult and hipster are all terms I’ve heard myself described as, but I have a complicated relationship with identity.

I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious - Albert Einstein

Things I’m Interested In

  • The intersection between algorithms, culture and ethics
  • The design of systems that align user, builder and owner incentives
  • The ethics of technology, design and function
  • The nature of cooperation and competition within groups
  • The outcome of multidisciplinary interaction
  • The duality between self and other
  • The relationship between truth and reality
  • What intentional use of technology looks like
  • What mastery of self looks like
  • How systems subvert and exploit human psychology for good and evil
  • How history happens and what that entails for the future
  • Bringing a sustainable, attainable and positive vision of the future into reality