Adrift in a Skiff on the Lonely Sea

Sailing seemed to have a slightly serendipidous quality
Slightly only because steering the boat was still possible
Indeed, steering the sail was advisable
But having nowhere to go and no need to be
I was adrift in a skiff on the lonely sea

Should I chart a path, and decide a destination?
Or perhaps head on back and stand on the sand
Enough sustainance I have to continue speculation
Of where the wind’s going and what the fishes are doing

A dearth of meaning I could not defend
There was nothing for which I needed to even pretend
Except for the rasping indecision of my mind
And how I was expected to spend my time

Sailing certainly had a serendipidous quality
When steer, mast and sail were all left alone
Somehow I came back to where I began
Adrift in a skiff on the lonely sea