Possible Future

I awaken slowly to a combination of artificial and natural light that emulates a sunrise. Though the day has begun for many, I am a late riser and my house being an extension of myself, understands and facilitates this. I put on my necklace, which indicates that I am awake to my house – the only visible imppact of this is the dimming of the artificial lights once more. I make my bed and prepare for my morning. In the distance I can hear water boiling, not an automated process, but instead, my partner who wakes up much earlier and is already well along with their day’s plans. I smile at their thoughtfulness. Most days I don’t recognize their quiet actions, but today I am reminded of how even the hissing of a kettle can be a sound of affection.

Our home is bright, airy and open. It’s a little chilly for this late in the morning. The movements of my morning ritual so common to me I don’t even think about them. I pour a cuppa tea and while it brews softly kiss my partner good morning. They are busy working though, so I try not to distract them too much; we already have a late lunch date organised, though it is my memory that reminds me, not a notification. In fact, notifications do not show up during my morning. It is a time for gathering myself before facing the day. I go out to collect my digital newspaper; a personally curated list of rss feeds and local news. The physical act of walking to collect a digital paper to most would seem a strange anarchronism, but it’s part of my routine. Even though the internet still allows instant communication of inconsumable amounts of information, I chose to slow down and be deliberate with my consumption of information. I walk past the stone embedded with a tag, stopping to gently reach down and touch it in a true to form revivial of a once obselete ritual. Not presently interested in any serious reading I turn to the comics and pictures section while sipping on steaming hot tea.

After I finish the tea, some light reading and complete my morning ritual with meditiation, my devices switch from solitude mode to the days activities. No alerts pop through and I breathe a sigh of relief, looks like it’ll be a gentle morning of focused productivity as I was hoping. I turn my attention to our garden. The spirits tell me that our winter vegetables are coming along nicely, though some of the flowers are beginning to wither. I’ll probably go check on them soon, but first some fruit. I idly browse through communications directed at me personally or glance through headlines while trying to find some fruit. No new conversations, though a couple messages from friends I responded to the night before. I put down my messages and tell my spirit not to show me any until I’m mostly through my daily task list, which I pull up just as I bite into the bottom of an apple. It’s the same list of chores and work tasks I reviewed the night before.

I move into the garden where I find my laptop still open. I must’ve forgotton it last night. However it’s only now turning on as I enter the room. It turns off after being not used, and is fully charged from the sunlight this morning. As it turns on, automatically starting a fresh environment with only my task list open I can’t help but chuckle at the memory of cat pictures I was distracted from last night. That one little kitty was so adorable. I’m still trying to convince my partner to get a cat. Before I sit down, I examine our plants. I like touching them and sometimes I whisper to them, but today I only take in their aroma. They smell lovely in the still slightly crisp air.

My necklace lights up to remind me I have lunch in 10 minutes. I can smell the spices now that I am reminded of them, but I didn’t notice them while I was working. This seems like a good time to stop. This will be the first time of the day I’ll get to spend real moments with my partner. I get all smiley walking into the kitchen and wrap my arms around her. It will continue to be a lovely day, I’m sure.