'Astrology Considered Harmful' Considered Harmful

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published 2020-05-14 21:26

updated 2023-06-04 00:58

A lot of my male friends have a disdain for Astrology and it's associated fields (Tarot, Occultism, even spirituality generally). They seem to think it's woo-woo and the people who believe in it are the staunch anti-science, determinedly uncritical type. Unsurprisingly these are the same men with the emotional intelligence of a potato. These are exactly the people that would benefit from practicing Astrology. So here's a little secret: Astrology is a tool, not (necessarily) a belief.

While I personally don't "believe" in Astrology, I don't have any problem with those who do. That being said I frequently engage with the idea. Primarily as a tool of self reflection. Self reflection is an inherently difficult and nebulous process. Funny how the hardest part of being human is understanding ourselves, even in this increasingly complicated world. Astrology gives you a framework to work with. When you read your star chart, you're given a description of the different parts of your life and even if you don't agree with it you can begin the process of understanding that aspect of your life, it even gives you the different ways people are generally categorized. Is the way you approach people for the first time really like a Leo? What's your communication style like and how could you better improve it? How do you engage with the unconcious parts of yourself? It's very unlikely that you'd begin to question these parts of yourself all on your own. Put your temporary life in the context of the infinite.

Even beyond Astrology if you get into Tarot, now you can begin to wonder about certain difficult to elucidate parts of everybodies existence. Are there seductive secrets you're hiding from yourself? Is isolation making you hopeful for better future? I suppose now that we all spend a lot of time with ourselves perhaps you've begun down the existential path. Take the tools that others have developed and apply them to your own life. Stand on the shoulders of giants. Nobody is an island unto themselves.

Alright, maybe you're convinced of the use of these tools. Here's some apps that I enjoy using:

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it" Find the magic, we need it now more than ever.