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When I first started publishing things online under my real name (mostly using this website) I didn't really know what it would be like. I'd never used my real name online. It taught me something important about communication. How we think about what it is we're trying to get across the barrier of sound and then just do it. Put thought into word, and bang ideas into existence through the limitations of language1. We do it all the time, communicating is nothing special for humanity.

When you're talking to any body across any time that gets a little tricky. But that doesn't mean I regret what I said. Only that I wish I said it better. So you can still find all my past entries here. Maybe they'll come back in a new form one day.

I do wish to change the way I communicate here. Instead of finished pieces of self indulgent idle reflection, there will be little seeds planted gently into the soil. Growing slowly but surely. A constant work in progress. In this effort I've launched a now page and have open stubs for things I'm planning on writing about. I have hope that the other ideas will take root too.

  1. I believe Wittgenstein said something along these lines is why all philosophy is pointless. Language games?