Identity: experiment

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published 2018-09-19 16:45

updated 2023-06-04 00:53

Experiment. Explore. Adventure. "Change is the only constant" and I say bring it on; be the change you want to see in the world. I refuse to let the status quo dictate what is and is not acceptable to dive into. I've always been one to revel in the freedom of experimentation, walk the path less travelled and be different. This takes shape in many different ways; experimental music? I'm down. That new piece of technology that's still in beta? Please give me a key so I can test it out. New? Untested? Strange? Ohh baby, sounds right up my alley. Get me out of my comfort zone, embrace the fear of the unknown and take risks. Try, fail, learn, grow. This is the only way I know. Give me the radically new so I experience things I never have.

However this desire for novelty is not always in my best interest. Sometimes I push people too far, projecting my own love of the strange and new onto others who may prefer quiet comforts of the familiar. The new and shiny can be distracting from things that are more important. Sometimes I make mistakes I truly regret out of malicious curiosity, make a fool of myself or find myself in situations I was not prepared to handle. But nothing is without it's problems and I stand firmly in the knowledge that I am my happiest when given the freedom to experiment.

In the prayer for myself I dissent. Buck the trend intentionally and do what others won't, can't or simply are afraid of and accept the consequences of being different. Refuse to be placed in the bounded boxes of normalcy. There will be struggles, and these are to be expected, but never let the fear of the unknown stop me from trying.