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Who am I writing for?

What am I trying to say?

How am I going to say/show it?

============================= ive been thinkingabout this a bunch and i kinda want my blog to be more "expanding" and interactive. branching narratives to follow that all tell a story, amd different visualizations and paths through and around this "web". entangaled and complicated like a wiki, but personal and navigable and spacious.

experiments in random linking, dark patterns, generated content, luck, and exploration. reflective of both myself as enigmatic, private and intimate yet also of the internet now, Maze like and cofusing
"portals" to all the places my mind frequently wanders, some little story about a character thats based on me (a narrator?)

404 pages and redirects cloaking story telling ever changing, like harry potter identity posts as corner stones, hard to get to challenging to navigate

aesthetic cultivation - waterfalls

narrative form of "Introduction" that is posted on my blog. i want it to introduce them to my philosophies, interests, organization and perspective. i want it to turn in on itself and be confusing and well written. where i talk about all the things that are important to me. i want it to be the moral foundation, a rock that i can look back on and rely on to remind me of myself. i'm not quite sure how i'm going to do that, but i'm going to try.