Experiments: Vegetarian

June 10, 2019

The month of May has been known as “God Mode May” for some circles I run in. We cut back on ‘sins’ and try to foster good habits and set goals in an attempt to better our mortal selves. Those of you on blue site will know that I had to post there for a while and this is the reason. I didn’t succeed.

But this isn’t a reflection post about how I failed, but how inspite of failing I pushed on with one of my goals and what I learned from being vegetarian. I did end up being vegetarian for the entire month of May.

  1. Being vegetarian requires a little bit of forethought or compromise. Western food doesn’t have a lot of vegetarian options so I often ended up eating Indian food as the varied options kept me happy.
  2. Beyond Burger and other meat substitutes satisfied my meat cravings quite well.
  3. I lost some weight despite not hitting the gym and generally felt better about my body.
  4. After some time, I could recognize the smell of meat and did not like it.

Overall I’m happy I stuck with it, and came away more open to opting for vegetarian food more often. Certainly consider this experiment a success. On to the next one.