"All Search and no Review"


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As is no suprise here, I spend a lot of time on the internet. This in and of itself is not a bad thing. Not a novel idea, but obviously depends on what you're doing on the internet. I find there are 2 modes I go into when on the internet. Search mode and review mode.

Search mode is when I'm scrolling aggregators and feeds for things that look vaguely exciting, skimming through it and throwing it in some sort of appropriate bucket. This work is fun, easy and low effort. It's perhaps what I spend most my time doing on the internet. It's why Firefox Preview on Android often tells me I have infinite tabs, why I have more articles then I could read in Wallabag and more than I know what to do with in Shaarli.

Review mode is when I actually turn to these resources, and add notes into my memex. Actually consuming these references, reading the articles, learning from them and on and on. This is an important part of the internet-ing process, because otherwise I've just collected a bunch of junk. A little information is a dangerous thing.

And boy do I have a lot of junk...

So review mode [ACTIVATED]? It's not quite that easy, maybe. When doing things like working on infrastructure, or ▘▙▘▙▝▝ing, or dev, I don't really need to read about why people choose certain processes, but rather just a reference to some docs or APIs will do. I turn to my notes in these situations. So I need to actively focus on review mode more, but not endanger actually doing productive things. I think I need to make review mode more formal, but the process of doing it easier. I write notes in vim, which is very fun, and have a few extensions which makes note taking easier, but I need an even easier way to do so.