Unpacking Therapy, Creating Narratives

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Where does my disdain for power originate? How can I exist within a system I oppose? Who gets the autority to say I'm successful?

  • If it's me, am I setting realistic goals?
  • Are the goals aligned with my beliefs


Am I at war with myself? Is my personality performative? How can I manifest the enjoyment of difficulty without sabotage?


Being comfortable with chaos Embracing change Containing complexity

Questions to ponder

What are realistic decisions I can make to further end goals?

When is power justified? How can it be used responsibly? What are specific actionable things you care about politically?


north indian v south indian indian v ABD indian v australian australian v american quiet (▚▖▗▖▗▒) v loud (drunk) privlidged v immigrant

rules for living

decide what you believe and stand by it