My journey with Linux

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published 2020-10-01 19:49

updated 2020-10-01 19:49

Started out experimenting with VMs in high school (2013) never got very far (dont think i actually got an install working) get sick of windows slowing down my laptop in college (2015?) decide to install Arch to bootloader because I'm hardcore (and was on break from school) try many times to get it installed get it working, install WM only -- bspwm was trendy at the time learn shell, git, vim because all the r/unixporn and /g/ desktop threads were doing that learn about AUR keep forgetting to run pacman -Syu and then when I do it breaks my computer get sick of that and install debian net-install continue running bspwm become indoctrinated into the FOSS zealotry continue with debian net-install, bspwm, vim -> happy with my setup ... buy librem13v3 (2019) get sick of having to do everything by hand on desktop and switch to mostly using laptop laptop keyboard sucks though (using ErgoDox EZ on desktop) learn about nixOS