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20200516 think about putting Kitaab online in some sort of form


100DaysToOffload ideas:

  • digital everything: the onyx note pro, kobo, kitaab, etc
  • against heroes
  • robust computing
  • against advertising
  • comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • data as magic (short story)
  • kindness requires strength
  • morning routine

20200318 website changes:

  • about/contact page with links and form
  • picture of my face on homepage
  • life tracker

datalife IndieMark 2 syndication

add them to maze have a wiki, links, now, contact/about for top bar main page leads you down maze links page is built from stars in shaarli

  • personal
    • logs
  • digital infrastructure/tech commentary
    • lifelong learning plan
      • 4 Cs of my life (Creator, Career, Consumer, Thinker??)
    • ads bad
    • who free software is for
    • digital charms
    • dreaming of robust conputing
    • piecing together my life / life tracking (meta)
    • taming technology, security, privacy (firewall, foss)
    • putting up barriers; against convience
    • Loop Habits pull request
    • the internet isnt soverign, its nationalized
  • experiments
    • securing my wifi network
    • learning ncurses through snake
    • configuration
  • stories
    • data weaver (tools like yaad), data builders (engineers), bouncers (security), operations?, data world
    • how to fuck up your phone (and fix it) [story of broken line]
    • against heroes


  • auto publish to dat
  • add indieWeb support
  • have rel=me for mastodon page?
  • add CSS for different kinds of tags in arts page
  • add that photo that i use everywhere to the landing page


dependence on digital, losing data?


Experimental - Dissent, Hipster, Non conforming, Individual Understanding Dreamer Warm Optimism philosophical/conversational trickster/shady/mysticism Balanced/Multi disciplinary/Inbetweenness Resilient/Mindful/Adaptable Difficult, against convience Not a Consumer My troubles with Memory The Power of Words/Keeping Identity Small

post flow: intro/web+ > digital infrastructure > data hoard > what is information narrative as reasoning (analysing previous 3 posts) > the medium is the message


that which cannot be percieved


the constant stream of information - the week with no internet at home

pacisifism as a technologist The responsibility of Technologists

social doesn't scale

advertising is evil, or fuck big tech giving up the media game

redefining private as a concept on the Internet the public/private divide

the problem with gamification

the medium is the message

Censorship as drowning out - corporations as public utilities

weekly summaries - mastobot

data dives - music library analysis, hdd folders analysis, task warrior, habits, expenses, browser history)

phones as production devices rather than consumption machines

Anonymity as a super power

ephemeralizing the social web


story (not reason) is the basis of belief You are the story

My trouble with history My trouble with Identity

no heroes

an tower unto itself, marooned on a island far away the duality of my social circles - lack of an in group

Fuck the American cultural hegemony

This website is not for you analytics that everyone can see?


Wanting to be Everything.

Possible Futures