Buchi Flavors

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published 2020-10-19 20:20

updated 2020-10-19 20:20

== 14/10/20 5th Batch ==

Blueberry cream

Same as before

Mango + Pear

1 mango 2 pear blitzed (only a lil added)

Straw + Lime

Blitzed strawberry 250g Juice of some lime

Pear + Apple x2

Blitzed pear (Only buy 1 of these!) Blitzed apple (Only buy 1 of these!) Some lime juice

flavors ideas

lime + mint lime + ginger vanilla, banana, blueberry, cinnamon, peach, basically any fruits look into heating flavors, adding sugar before 2nd ferment

= 21/09/20 4th batch =

Blueberry cream

Blue bottle same as below

Tropical blast

Red bottle 250g strawberry

  • half chopped
  • half crushed and heated half a pineapple, chopped some lemon some lime some blueberry

Pineapple + passionfruit + lime

Green bottle quart a pineapple, blitzed 2 passionfruits juice of 2 limes

Kiwi + Lemon

Blue bottle 3 kiwis, blitz juice of 1 lemon

Pineapple swirl

quart a pineapple, blitzed some kiwi some lemon some lime

= 23/08/20 3rd batch =

Blueberry Cream

230g blueberry turned into jam heated with 1 cup water crushed a little sugar 1 cap vanilla extract 3rd full batch

Strawberry Cream

250g strawberry turned into jam same steps as blueberry 3rd full batch

Lemon Mint Musk

3 full limes from jj 5 fresh mint leaves half a pack dried mint 3rd full batch

Banana Cream

2 full bananas 1 cap vanilla extract 3rd full batch

= 3rd batch first stage 09/08/20 = Madura organic green tea All boxed water

= Review of 22/07 batch = all undrinkably sour, should have re-made from the first stage

= Strawberry 22/07/20 = ~500g strawberry, chopped about 1/3rd bottle Diluted water batch

= Citrus 22/07/20 = Oca/Orange blend Half a large orange 3 chopped Ocas Diluted water batch

= Orange OG 22/07/20 = Ginger/Tumeric/Orange blend Half a large orange Diced ginger + tumeric 50/50 about a 1/4th of the bottle Diluted water batch

= The OG 12/07/20 = Tumeric/Ginger blend Diced, roughly 50/50 About 1/4th the bottle

= Berry Buch 12/07/20 = Strawberry + Blueberry blend 250g strawberry, diced 125g blueberries smushed Around 1/3rd of the bottle

= Spiced Fruit 12/07/20 = Strawberry, Pomogranite, Blueberry and Ginger 200g strawberry, diced 100g blueberry, smushed 1 pomogranite, sorta smushed a teaspoon of ginger, diced and smushed About 1/3rd of a small bottle