On Noticing Your Own Reactions

writing phil

published 2020-11-05 19:33

updated 2020-11-05 19:33

By paying attention to how you feel, one begins to learn many things. One of these is the distinction between like and dislike. One can learn valuable information about oneself by noticing when we like and dislike things. This too is a spectrum, but nonethelss it can be distinguished at ends. Like and dislike. We learn to do more of what we enjoyed, obviously. We also learn an important lesson from what we dislike. We shouldn't learn the opposite lesson though: To turn away and do less of what we don't like. Instead, our goal should be to understand why. What part of ourselves are we afraid of that we experience fear of experiences. Instead we should seek to understand our discomfort and engage with it. Learn from it. That cannot happen if it is discarded. So look at it, don't through away your own reactions. Even if it is a bad reaction. Seek to introduce it into your life in the smallest manner you can handle. And work from there. Heavy storms make deep roots.