Getting to a Finished Song

dstory music generative writing 2020-11-28 13:33

I've learnt a few ways to make digital music now, but I haven't actually Finished a Song. All I have is ways to make noise. In order to record a song I need a good microphone.

I can create sounds in TidalCycles, VCV Rack, lsdj, and nanoloop. Soon I'll also have a norns too. I need learn how to mix and produce a finished track through something like ardour or reaper. I've been able to install some synths (helm) and route those to Ardour. I need to learn how to create midi notes that are played through that synth I've configured patchage to route midi to various applications and been able to control VCV Rack and Helm through midi I need to learn how to use a sequencer effectively I need to learn to use synths to create the sounds I want and turn those sounds into loops and those loops into tracks and those tracks into songs

I can see a path to through the tunnel