Building Norns

dstory writing generative hardware 2020-11-28 14:56

Early on in my foray into digital music, I decided I didn't want to use a DAW. Partially because I knew doing so on Linux would be limiting, partly because I like to do things differently. My proclivity for single purpose devices naturally got me excited about norns when I heard about it. Not being a musicion I found it hard to justify paying $800USD for what could turn out to be just a toy. When I learnt about the DIY versioun pased on an RPi, I knew I had to try it. A toy like the norns is certainly worth a hundredish dollars. Even more exciting to go from "no electronics experience" to "i built a music machine from PCB up". So I'm now that guy. Decided to learn how to read electronics schematics so that I can build a linux machine to avoid using a DAW on a different Linux machine.