Taming Technology

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published 2020-05-13 21:50

updated 2020-05-13 21:50

there has been a common thread going through my mind of late that ive been meaning to write about for a while. originally i started with the idea of describing my own utilization of technology. the systems i\'ve set up to orchestrate my life; a tour of my personal digital infrastructure. and of course being a hipster computer nerd, the manner in which i use technology is partically fringe even within my own community, and especially so when compared to the average comput er user, but other than being at best mildly informative, i came to view it as self indulgent naval gazing -- afterall I already k now how that infrastructure works and have laid out many plans for how to improve it, surely my time would be better spent activel y improving it rather than explaining it (largely just to myself) again.", "then i moved on to pondering my grand debut in \"the i ndustry\" and wanted to get my thoughts in order about how I actually feel about it. this scared me because I worried my honest op inions of the surveillance industry (or \"silicon valley\" as it is colloquially referred to) would stain my chances at a job in t he very same place. i wish i was strong enough in my resolve to my ethical framework to make these comments under my \"real\" iden tity and maybe one day i will be, but today is not that day.", "from there i bounced to various cliche topics at the intersection of technology and mindfulness. digital detoxes, curtailing addicition to our smart phones, an introduction for the non-technical, how tragically easy it is to imagine better technology, media diets, and the murder (not death) of privacy and how to ressurect it all feature empty pages in my git repo. beyond repeating kitchsy blogspam my trouble with writing about these is that the problem s and solutions i see to technology go beyond any one of these issues, and even describing these issues evades a clear essence to what technology truly is.", "and so i embark on another rabit hole, but this time i emplore you to join in on the discussion.