published 2021-04-17 03:24

updated 2021-04-17 03:24

Puralek can be translated as Epigraph, Inscription or Archive. An Epigraph is a description at the start of a book or poem that explains the thing, and i wish this tool to be an epigraph Kitaab. It's similar to Human Programming interface that Karli Coss talks about In fact I plan to base it on that

I want to integrate all my services ideally through some sort of commandline interface so that I can easily pull stuff into Kitaab, search it, tag it, and better understand my life, and better build knowledge with external sources. "Think outside the cranium" But ultimately this is only a stepping stone toward Invincible Computing


A key criteria is multiple views. I want to see and click through a graph collection of my notes. I need to be able to see Wallabag and grasp highlights together, and perhaps link them with shaarli pages.