Idea behind Puralek

puralek writing 2020-10-13 22:07

i realized that this is about organizing information, but thats also literally the purpose of the data involved in creating kitaab. its important to remember to distinguish between the mix of meta data and data held in this "book" and all the data that is produced in using computers. however the organization principles apply to both. hence i am starting to use this more like a log of all things. in doing so, the idea of Puralek and Kitaab become inextriabcly intertwined and must be synthesized into something more

this struck me during the reordering of /now and seeing now listed down there as an intergration idea makes sense, but not the scope i originally thought.

use /now to order the index page of Kitaab some sort of averaging between total itetms and change in items

Integration ideas

generate a calendar that updates over nextcloud through task warrior events Be able to link the Tasks list from a specific directory into the /now page automation based on the above tags idea: feedreader > star > based on content action (add to jackett for music, save to images for image, etc) and have a living orgamism of information