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published 2022-03-11 21:12

updated 2022-03-11 21:12

Or Carla is amazing.

I've been experimenting with audio "production" for a while, if it can even be called that. Normally dabbling with more code-focused or generally esoteric tools, I'm slowly making my way back to 'normalcy' in hopes that i'll be able to successfully record a song that i think is not absolute trash fire bullshit. In this regard, I've been playing around with Carla. I already had configured my nixOS setup to have some plugins (like Helm and Vitalium) that were being read from Carla so I could use it as a plugin host, but I'd never gotten much further than hooking up ORCA MIDI to one of the synths and just having a little play. I managed to hook up my midi board into Carla which I then configured to run a few plugins, which I then sequenced using Carla's MIDI Pattern built in plugin. It was really cool and easy compared to all the other tools I've been using -- Something about that did make it feel less satisfying though. Carla also allows sessions which solves an annoying problem I was having of having to set everything up everytime I wanted to do anything. This way I can make patches initially and then play them later, which is something I really wanted.

I would like to make a single song this MMM that I at least don't hate that would be an awesome conclusion to MMM